Онлайн-тесты по предмету Английский язык для 10 класса

На данной странице находятся тесты по предмету «Английский язык». Они разработаны для проверки и улучшения ваших знаний в данной области. Независимо от вашего уровня подготовки, тест поможет оценить ваши знания.

Приготовьтесь проверить свои знания, насколько хорошо вы ориентируетесь в предмете.

I don`t want ... or help. I`ve seen some comedies this month. Each ... funnier then the last. We`d like three ... eggs. Knowledge ... power. пройти тест

назначать голосовать подписывать пересматривать пройти тест

The head of state in the UK is the... The Congress of the USA consists of the ... The Head of state of Russia is the ... The House of Lords in the UK ... пройти тест

_____ milk in the bottle. My mother ________ me to buy some bread from the shop. Have you _____ been to Paris. Tamara didn`t meet ________ friends in the street. пройти тест

"If you _______ that plate, you`ll burn your fingers." - "Why. Has it been in the oven." "If you watch the news, you ______ a lot." - "I know. I watch it every day" "Shall I invite John to the party. " - "Well, were I you, I _______ him." "Could I see the menu, please." - "Yes, sir. If you ______ a seat, I will fetch it for you." пройти тест

The Maya thrived for nearly 2,000 years. Without the use of the cartwheel or metal tools, a)_____________________________. They were accomplished scientists. They also formulated a unique calendar with b)_________________as well as predict eclipses and other celestial events with great precision. The Maya sought to understand the repetitive cycles of motions of the moon and planets, and thus to be able c)___________ on the sky in the future. They invented a sophisticated number system, developed their own mathematics, using a base number of 20, and had a concept of zero. Mayan society was vibrant, d) _________________. пройти тест

The small cupboard or shelf in front of the passenger seat of a car. You hold it and turn to control the direction of a car. A thing in a car that you will need if the car crashes, to protect the driver and passengers. The part of a door or window that you use for opening it. пройти тест

What is the longest river in the world. Where is Bolivia. Where is Ethiopia. Of which country is Manila the capital. пройти тест

Bread _______ (to eat) every day. The letter ______ (to receive) yesterday. Nick ________ (to send) to Moscow next week. I _____ (to ask) at the lesson yesterday. пройти тест

His new book ______ (to finish) next year. Nick ________ (to send) to Moscow next week. This work ______ (to do) tomorrow. Bread _______ (to eat) every day. пройти тест

I suddenly remembered that I forgot I ... my keys. While Diana ... her favourite television programme, there was a power cut. Who ... the car at the time of the accident. By the time Sheila got back, Chris ... . пройти тест

His name ___ Peter. He ___ not from Turkey. _____ eat salad and pizza. That is _____ desk. пройти тест

Choose the right variant Look, it... again. ... you ... many friends now. What ... he ... to do now. What ... you usually ... in the evening. пройти тест

Why is Bridget measuring Hector`s chest. Bridget: s Hector still _________ . Hector: I have this _________ Bridget: Hector`s _____________ are awful! пройти тест

1.Вставьте в пропуск нужное слово. I don`t like ____ naughty children. 2.Вставьте в пропуск нужное слово. He is not clever enough to solve ____ problem. 3.Вставьте в пропуск нужное слово. He is small, but runs ____ quickly! 4.Вставьте в пропуск нужное слово. This building is not ____ high as that one пройти тест

What does Brandon (from the USA) like to do in his free time. Find the answer in your Studen`s book on page 11. Helen ..... (see\not) her brother since 1995. Den .... (go) window shopping once a month. What .... (you, plan) for today evening. пройти тест

This is Kate; she’s also a ..... of the cast. We watched a brilliant comedy last night; we had such a good ..... . Let’s turn ..... the air conditioning. It’s really hot. I don’t like this programme. Can you turn it ..... to the news, please. пройти тест

I don’t like films with a predictable ..... ; I find them really boring. The cinema is a very popular form of ..... . I can hardly hear the TV. Can you turn it ..... . I’m sure Emily will turn ..... his invitation. пройти тест

Why was it started . How many computers was ARPANET made up of. The name of modern Internet is... The Internet was invented in the… пройти тест

The Internet was invented in the… Why was it started . How many computers was ARPANET made up of. The Internet that we know today was invented in пройти тест