Онлайн-тесты по предмету Английский язык для 9 класса

На данной странице находятся тесты по предмету «Английский язык». Они разработаны для проверки и улучшения ваших знаний в данной области. Независимо от вашего уровня подготовки, тест поможет оценить ваши знания.

Приготовьтесь проверить свои знания, насколько хорошо вы ориентируетесь в предмете.

"... is very relaxing" - "I don`t agree. I think it`s boring" "I can`t decide what ... to the party" - "Why don`t you wear your blue dress." "Did you go to the cinema last night." - "No, my parents made me ... for the exam." "Shall we go to a restaurant this evening." - "I`d rather ... at home." пройти тест

Когда отмечается Хэллоуин. Кто начал отмечать этот праздник. Какой из символов является главным. Где впервые изготовили нлавный символ. пройти тест

I ... to my father right now. can you call back later. Mike ... TV when I came in the living room. The train ... before we came to the train station. They ... lunch at 11 tomorrow. пройти тест

Mary ________ the lottery last year. We _______ already ________ dinner. He _______ just _______ home. They ________ their car two years ago. пройти тест

When the Pilgrim Fathers arrived in America, there wasn`t _________________ to meet them. The next autumn ________said, `Let`s cook a special dinner with the fruit and vegetables from our farms! _____________said `Yes` - because they all wanted to have some fun. At first , _________________________wanted to ask the Native Americans for dinner, because they were afraid of them. пройти тест

I did not want to believe it and then I saw the UFO ............ . The girl looked at the mirror. Freddy, you`ll have to do your homework ......... . You don`t need to help them. They can do it ...... . пройти тест

Who is well-known for the "apple story". Which person is often called the "father" of Physics . He was a distinguished mathematician and chemist. He studied history and chronology. Who invented the first practical reflecting telescope. пройти тест

If they go to Washington, they ..............the White House. If mum gave her a sweet, she ...............crying. If he .................later, he will take a taxi. We would understand him if he ............... slowly. пройти тест

Choose the antonyn to ` LOOSE` This floral bouse with buttons ... you perfectly! You look so nice in it! Choose the correct word combination Casual trousers are .... and ... пройти тест

водоотталкивающий модный обтягивающий Какую фирму Вы предпочитаете. пройти тест

My mother ... a bad headache. Margie and her sister ... wonderful voices. ... your sister often ( go ) to the theatre. It ( often/rain ) in this place. пройти тест

Many accidents ..... by dangerous driving. The secretary ..... to her new boss yesterday. This dictionary ..... a week ago. The house________yesterday. пройти тест

Love stories teach you to believe in Comedies are I couldn`t help _____when I saw Charlie Chaplin. Detective films always _____your attention. пройти тест

Madam Tussaad sis ___________ in London US _______ has its headquarters in the Capitol Building The official head of state in Canada is the __________ The US is a ________ consisting of 50 states пройти тест

служба публика,зрители выходить в интернет сеть пройти тест

Ann isn’t here, she ....... at her friend’s house tonight. When we were in Paris, we went on a guided ....... of the city. Be careful! You ....... into that car! Can you please get ready. There’s ....... time before our guests arrive. пройти тест

This instrument is used to measure the temperature Air pressure is measured with a Wind speed is measured with a/an This instrument is used to measure the humidity пройти тест

In Russia __________ education is compulsory. In Britain secondary education is ___________. In Britain in _____________ schools education is not free. Most pupils in Russia study at ________ schools. пройти тест

Translate from English into Russian: overcast Translate from English into Russian: sleet Translate from English into Russian: thunderstorm Translate from English into Russian: hail пройти тест