Онлайн-тесты по предмету Английский язык для 11 класса

На данной странице находятся тесты по предмету «Английский язык». Они разработаны для проверки и улучшения ваших знаний в данной области. Независимо от вашего уровня подготовки, тест поможет оценить ваши знания.

Приготовьтесь проверить свои знания, насколько хорошо вы ориентируетесь в предмете.

The sentence in the Present Indefinite Tense is: The interrogative sentence in the Present Continuous Tense is: The interrogative sentence in the Past Indefinite Tense is: The verb in the Present Perfect Tense is: пройти тест

The day was ... exciting! We had ... an experience. It`s ... an original idea! It`s ... encouraging! пройти тест

We shouldn`t miss ... an event. I think it`s ... a remarkable picture. I find the picture ... fascinating. The sky in the picture looks ... real. пройти тест

By the time my parents were born Lego bricks ____ yet. A steam engine _____ by James Watt in 1765. By 1883 the first skyscraper ______. After the typewriter had been created it_____widely in the world. пройти тест

Tom was (wrong / wrongly) believed to be a thief. I think very (high / highly) of his new book. The weather was (most / mostly) dull that night. She is never (wrong / wrongly) dressed. пройти тест

I know when my exam _____ start. He _______ me when the taxi will arrive. Marie ______ go shopping when _______ some money. I don`t know when they ______ get back. пройти тест

I will be at home when I ______ take my car from repairing center. She will stop singing when you _____ start doing your homework. I will go shopping when he ______ home. You will be able to go for a walk when you _______ your homework. пройти тест

I don`t know when he _____ to the park. I ____ cook dinner when you go to the shop I am not sure when she _____ . I will dance when you _____ the music on. пройти тест

Da kommt....Junge. Da steht...Frau. Ich brauche....Worterbuch. Das ist...Zeitung. пройти тест

This magican can easily make the rabbit go ... Alex did not want to go ... the details of his break-up with Mary Do not be shy! If you have something to ask, just go ... My sister went ... watching a soap opera after a break пройти тест

The cat _______ by my granny now The girl _________ the report the whole evening yesterday The doctor ___________ the patient at this moment The roof ____________ bymy father now/ пройти тест

She is fond of children. She will ___________ a perfect mother one day. They spent most of the last year__________ up their kitchen. There`s no electricity at the moment so we`ll have to ___________without it . It really ___________ my day when he gave me those flowers. пройти тест

1.Выберите правильный ответ из предложенных. I want you ____ that you are in trouble. 2.Выберите правильный вариант ответа. The boy watched his mother ____ his favourite pie. 3.Выберите правильный вариант ответа. The old lady felt the door ____ behind her. 4. Выберите правильный вариант ответа. The policeman saw a strange man ____ the street and followed him. пройти тест

1.Выберите существительное неисчисляемое. Phisics, details, glasses, things 2.Выберите существительное, которое не подходит к данному ряду слов. money, life, butter, subject 3.Выберите существительное, которое не подходит к данному ряду слов. people, coffee, gates, clothes 4.Вставьте в пропуск is или are. No news ____ good news. пройти тест

5. Вставьте, если нужно артикль а . What ____ wonderful advice! 6. Вставьте, если нужно артикль а . What ___ brilliant actor! 7. Выберите правильный вариант из предложенных. He gave me ____ . 8. Выберите правильный вариант из предложенных. I noticed white ____ on her jacket. пройти тест

1. Mr. Smith: That sounds great. I`d like to pay for this room in .......... Can I give you my credit card number now. . Hotel Clerk: I will also need your ......... address and phone number. Mr. Smith: Sure, no problem. But, I do have one more question. Do you have a pool and sauna .......... Mr. Smith: That`s great. What time does the pool area ......... in the mornings. I like to swim early. пройти тест

Jan’s thinking of travelling around the world after ..... from university. Jim’s hopes for a promotion were ..... when the position was given to someone else. Jo was expelled from school for cheating ..... an exam. He graduated ..... university with a degree in Physics. пройти тест