Онлайн-тесты по предмету Английский язык для 7 класса

На данной странице находятся тесты по предмету «Английский язык». Они разработаны для проверки и улучшения ваших знаний в данной области. Независимо от вашего уровня подготовки, тест поможет оценить ваши знания.

Приготовьтесь проверить свои знания, насколько хорошо вы ориентируетесь в предмете.

Where ___ you live. How much _______ it cost to fly to Rome. How often ____ you rent a video. ______ London have many museums. пройти тест

Have you any idea who is going to ................... at the meeting. I don`t know what to ................. you about the film. Wait a bit! I have something to ................... to you about. He .............. : " Kate, what about going to the cinema." пройти тест

I am still … about where to go on vacation next year. Where … yesterday when I saw you on your bike. Jane … any musical instrument, but she sings very well. … my computer today, so you can borrow it. пройти тест

Sabrina is a girl _________ hobby is knitting They finished some paintings _______________ are in the gallery now Peter, _____________ is a student of our school, must do a science project Her brother often helps her design clothes ___________ she wears every day. пройти тест

It was summer time _____________ we decided to go to the camp I don`t know the reason _____________ she is keen on fencing. He has a friend about _____________ I told you. He has a friend _______________ I told you about пройти тест

Как переводится слово: CAREER. Как переводится предложение: In Decemder 2001, Raynece Leader-Thomson, who was a student at Edison Middle School, had to do a science project. Что означает Present Simple, Present Continuous. Как переводится слово: BREAK пройти тест

You ..... work harder if you want to pass the exams. You ....... cook a cake, I`ve bought one. We will be late. We ........ take a taxi. I`m afraid I can`t come tomorrow. I ....... work late. пройти тест

How does Bridget feel about Nick. How does Nick feel about Bridget. How does Hector feel about Annie. How was your flight. пройти тест

Did you see the match England - Brazil on TV. It was an ________________ match. We were ______________ at the news John is the most ___________ boy in our group My father is ill and I am very _____________ about him пройти тест

The … are very fragile, please, wash them carefully. She cannot live without discos and … I don`t like fried … This dish is too fatty for me. Children are not allowed to play with … пройти тест

Have you seen this film . I have not done my homework. I have cooked a good dinner. Jane hasn’t been to Asia. пройти тест

I have read this chapter in my chemistry text three times, and still I _________ it. Anne is a fashion designer; she _______ to the opening of every new fashion show in the city. There! ________ this big heavy cloud in the sky; I am sure it`ll rain in a minute. A group of scientists are travelling around Africa. How many countries ___________ so far, I wonder. пройти тест

The Royal Family are not allowed to play Monopoly. Non-royals aren`t allowed to touch them. Members of the Royal Family have to accept absolutely all gifts. Shakespeare was born in the royal family пройти тест

Kelly lost her pen and her mother promised to buy her __________ one. There is only one slipper under the bed. Where is_____________ . In summer some people prefer to stay in town while ____________ go to the country. My house is on __________ side of the street. пройти тест

I am reading an English book now. It is so interesting that by the end of the day I __________ reading it. My father is repairing our car. We hope that by Sunday he __________ it. Susan ___________the house before her husband comes home. It is going to rain, and I am not sure if I will have painted the roof before it ________ raining. пройти тест

The detective used a magnifying…. A … is a funny story with a happy ending. Can we watch the … news. People will live in underwater… пройти тест

My train ... in an hour. When ... Agatha Christie born. They decided to go ... a dangerous journey. A doctor is someone who ... people. пройти тест

She has lived here ___ many years. Tom has been to America ___ 2016. She hasn`t finished her work ___ . We have ___ seen the film. пройти тест

Sarah ___ her key. Mr McKein ___ Egypt several times. I ___ in London two months ago. Tom ___ this film twice. пройти тест